55 Words

Pain Free

College crush

by Vincent Olmos

I made it known to her that I’m labeled fragile.

She said she loved me.

She did the one thing I told her not to do.

She broke me.

Now I’m here staring down at her with a stiff smile on her face.

Seven billion people in the world and it chose her.

Fuck cancer.

Strawberry Lines

by Kristen DiGioia

Lacey sat and starred at the empty, sterile walls. “All emergency rooms look the same,” she thought. Suddenly, her thought was interrupted.

“You’re weak”. Lacey looked around terrified. “Pathetic”.

After a while, Lacey located the voice.

She ferociously ripped the gauze from her arm. The nasty strawberry lines looked up at her with sinister smiles.









by Louis A Tornero

Hurry! John, got ten seconds left on the clock.

The pressure is on! Gotta hurry up and call this play and score, or we lose.

Ready, set, go! “Drops back misses one tackle misses another, five seconds left.

Throws it deep to the end zone, no time left on the clock ball is up, Touchdown!”


Lost Bag









by Stephen Alvarado

Bag was tired of home;

He moved out to live on the seas with his friends.

Soon, everyone was captured.

Fifty years pass, he finds himself on a beach.

Then, captured again, ends up in a drawer of a stranger’s home.

A year passes, he finally made it out.

Only to carry a stranger’s belongings.



by Kent Ishijima

“Turn it off,” said John, “I hate the Bee Gees”.

“My car, my rules,” replied Davis, “Besides, we’re almost there.”

“With this kind of music, it feels like an eternity,” said Jerry.

“We’re here,” said Davis.

“Play better music next time”, said John.

“Can I get a photo Mr. Travolta”, asked a fan.


Expired Patience








by Brittany Artiano

She is waiting another long night, it is already midnight and nothing. He promised he would be home at eight. Her heart is racing rapidly and her blood pressure is rising quickly. She cannot take it anymore. She leaves another voicemail, while pacing back and forth. She packed up her things and never came back.


Smoke and Fire






by Grace Nesbitt

Silky she starts out slow and easy, for that is her style.  Blaze, now he can be hot, swift and fast. Seemingly caressing though never in terms of respect, they are not respecters of life. Their kisses on face and lips, rudely given. Only stopped by a smothering. But the harm has been done.


Aisle Three




by Lorraine Lamos

He is having another screaming,temper tantrum on aisle three, the freezer section.

My palms sweat and my stomach turns from the strolling patrons with their nasty faces and head shaking disapproval.

I hate them for judging.

God, what should I do?

I should have listened to my mother and never married this man!







by Jacqueline Sepulveda

His hand reaches up my back, under my blouse. Cold hands.

“Okay, just breathe.” I follow his orders.

I close my eyes. He smells like a man. My hands shake.

I feel lightheaded and grip the table.

“Your asthma has improved!”

He looks up.

I wonder if my doctor knows about my crush on him?

Playing Doctor





    by Michael Reaper

Johnny heard the heavy breathing and gasps from the other side of the wall. Echoes of bed springs and the smell of desperate sweat filled the hallway. Karina and Alex slipped out to the kichen, red faced and giddy.

“Well how was it?” He waited for them to catch a breath.

“Best Doctor Who ever!”




by Kayla Kohn

I told myself to be patient. I don’t want to rush in this time.

Every time I do, I mess it up.

I end up in tears, I end up hurting.

Maybe there’s a screw loose?

Maybe there’s a couple missing?

Wishful thinking- it’s always me. Like Vegas- the house always wins.

Touché, IKEA, touché.                                                            


The Result







by Caitlyn Deering                                     

The clock seems to go slower and slower every time I look. The anticipation of freedom or entrapment hangs over my head like a cartoon thunder cloud. A million life changes will hang in this one single yes or no answer.

Five, four, three, two, one. It is time!

It’s negative!

I let out a breath…


Wake Up!





by Sarai Saul

Behind Joe’s closed eyelids the little man paints, attempting to expose the genius.

He lures Joe in, further, deeper.

Destiny calls.

Hand on the doorknob, Joe’s wrist turns.

The door cracks open. Rainbows glint out.

“Are you taking a goddamn nap?!” The door slams and Joe recedes to numbly tapping away in his gray




10 responses to “55 Words

  1. I was reading The Result by Caitlyn Deering with one of my friends and when I finished reading it out loud, we looked at each other and started laughing. We started laughing so loud because it related to her in the sense that she experience the same way as it is described in the mini 55word paragraph. She thought her life was going to change with the single yes or no answer. But she also got lucky and her result was a negative so there was no bun in her oven.

    Liliana Rodriguez
    English 101
    Professor Stoddart
    19 May 2013

  2. Congratulations Student Authors! Your words painted many pictures in my mind.

    • Joy, thank you for visiting our journal. We will be performing some of these poems at Los Angeles Harbor College “Poetry Night” at Sacred Grounds coffee house in San Pedro in October of 2013. Mark your calender and join us.

  3. Makando

    I really enjoy reading the 55 word stories because I think most of us can relate to at least one or more of the stories.I also enjoy reading the surprise endings, they are funny.


  4. rafael

    The surprise endings are great very amuzing to read. Hopefully more are posted soon.

  5. Mystika Aldana

    I really enjoyed reading “The Result” by Caitlyn Deering. I understand how it is to feel the anxiety of waiting for a result that can make or break you. The end result can hold the rest of your life. Luckily everything has turned out for the good.
    Mystika Aldana
    English 101
    Professor Stoddart
    23 May 2013

  6. Stephanie Brown

    These are all so awesome! Really vivid writing. I can’t wait to see more!


    WOW! some great poetry in here. I love this!!! Go Go Harbor Poets!!
    V. Zamora
    English Dept.

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