Steps in the Hall

Book Burning

By Kinsey Zack

Fire blazes, run for your life and mine,

They burned all the books, the words, and the rhymes

Looking back at what I once loved, a whine

More than a whine, a cry, for all these crimes

Running, I feel bits of flame om my feet

Running, I realize I must disappear

Night is falling, dark cold replaces heat

My mind filled with irreplaceable fear

Of the things I’ve seen and will not forget,

Flames flicker on without remedy

How men can burn without any regret

Hound sucking life from innocent bodies

Now, I hear the last bit of city crash

And, imagine those lives sitting in ash


Mental State

wind in trees

By Vanessa Franco

Ever lasting trees surrounds me all day

Looking up to notice birds chirp sweetly

Wind picking up making leaves on branch sway

In a daze, I watch the clouds stir brightly

I stand in the middle of the flowers

The meadow seeps my entire being

Frozen in place I begin to cower

Pulling me in I began screaming

Darkness begins to over hover me

I look up to seethe parted clouds fade

Adding to my anxiety I flee

The darkness gets cold, it makes me afraid

Bringing myself back to reality

Taunting me, I question my sanity


Loyalty to Love

College crush



By James Larini

Am I not worth what your demons desire?

Forgive you, I will when mistakes have been made
For evil never sleeps and won’t retire
If you’re burning in pain I’ll provide shade

Come now and again, I’m not a liar
My loyalty to you will never fade
My love is always, it does not expire
When you’re in danger I’ll rush to your aid

I cherish your soul, care not for attire
When your anguish was beyond me, I prayed
Be real and love me, that’s all I require
And if you think I left, just know I stayed

Unable to see my physical form,
The sun still shines behind the dark storm

Exquisite Enigma


By: Larson Ghormley

Sparkling diamond in her freckled nose
With eyes greener than the lush fields at spring
Braid on her shoulder long hair auburn rose
Her poised countenance with smart smile sing

I ask you to dance, your flower sun dress
I take your soft hand, your hourglass waist
Slender arms and legs, voluptuous breast
Lilac skin, curved lips I’m pining to taste

Without you I am utterly alone
I want you like needing food, water, air
I sacrifice my dreams give all I’ve known
Vexed by beautiful indifferent stare

Parched like a drought, weeping like rain in rue
Someday you’ll meet a girl and she’ll break you

Dear God






By Emily Caballero

 To escape this earth, this barren abyss,
hands like shriveled branches rise up to You.
my God, are You the One to blame for this?
You search man’s heart and see him clearly through.
You see his shaking fist and hateful tongue,
his claim Your existence to be unknown.
shall they still blame You for all that’s been done?
the wounds of a brother made by his own?
They let You be blamed for his deeds of hate.
though enough food to feed each barren life,
the people indulge in their selfish taste.
dear God, are You to blame for rampant strife?
To help, to change, all mankind did refuse;
but in You alone, we find our refuge.