By Apollo Jackson

Humankind is under attack by our worst enemy and under siege,

as one mind afflicted with neurosis.

I am not responsible for the actions of my ancestors, so it is acceptable to travel back in time and rid the past of a single murdering slave master genetically connected to 20% of the population and having direct and indirect influence over the births of 30% wiping 50% of all people out of existence.

That way we can avoid yawning, stretching, exercising, taking a shower, sipping coffee, eating breakfast, reading the papers, getting dressed, stepping outside and then falling to the clouds for trusting gravity.

Attention! All unborn babies, you can be born, with the condition that in life you must struggle to remember why.

All children are the same, running around naked without any shame, when did we change?

The church preaches morality but Roy and Silo can raise a child and can’t get married,

Apparently, all dogs don’t go to Heaven, and mammals and birds and fish and reptiles and amphibians and insects.

Get an education, that’s the only thing they can’t take away from you, unless you get one of these two:

Alzheimer’s in the United States of Amnesia, and psychological warfare that breeds emotional lobotomy!

We are the last ones left, souls of righteous beings rising to the stars for holding their breath and depending on people for oxygenated creative collective unconscious epiphanies,

Souls from the past screaming through a wrinkle in time “You? Look what they did to me!”

Slicing through the dreams of a Black Berkeley brother, revealing the refreshing fruits of love served cold, the entire globe on your shoulders and you must carry the load.

Using the Bible to subvert others, after which one has already been subverted,

Sensing the morality, glory and/of the struggle of life rewarded reworded.

I want to be sold with a 100% discount so I can be free.

Free your mind, first step? This is the power of several powerful poems combined.

One thousand Alex. It’s the artificial poison that confuses and dissociates. What is Hate camouflage?

Attention, all blessings are on sale 50% discount from God,

No checks, cash or plastic credit and debit but it will cost you one soul’s refusal to accept it.

The party’s at my house!

George, Lincoln, Franklin, Grant and Jackson come on in; even though they lack unconditional love. Saul Williams says we’re making way for the future, so please give blood.

Some choices are forced into a single moment of one lifetime,

Ignoring that which has been made real by billions of human minds.

Many years of addiction to sadomasochistic tendencies have created anomalies: Buddha, Jesus, and Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the many others that never rose to fame with only the unnamed to blame.

Listen; let these words pour through your ears like a shivering whisper of the sweet, sweet nectar of life.

It’s worth the time to learn how to express yourself, so don’t listen to the hype,

Then maybe you can soar high in the sky like a kite,

And not have to worry about whether rising tides lift all boats.


  By Caitlyn Deering

You left me alone

To drown in my tears

You left me alone

To face all my fears

You left me alone

For your own freedoms sake

You left me alone

My heart you take 

My knees are week

My heart still sings

But the venom in your eyes now stings

Reminding me that you are all I can still see 

Love me love me

Love me so dear

Love me forever

Although you are not but near 

I look in the past and I see us

Every fight every tear

Every smile every embrace

Now I look at today and see who has taken each other’s place 

My heart cries out in pain

You look at me with distain

I once was your world

I once was your forever and always girl

I was your one your only your truly your girl with the ring

Now I’m just the broken hearted nothing 

Falling in love is hard

When another holds your heart

You liar you thief

You’ve ruined me 

You came into my life

Hurt me and created strife

Showed me how much my heart could love

Love with such intensity it could only come from above

You saw my soul

In all its purity

And I let you tarnish it for your own view of beauty

My heart my body mind and soul

You took me completely

And then walked away with a swaggering stroll 

Give me back myself

The girl I gave you

Give me my innocents

Give me my youth

Give me back 7 years

Give me back my sanity

Give me back my broken heart

And if you can’t then can I give you back the rest of me

Mi Mama

By Osvaldo Garcia 


“Mama, mi mama!”

Now darkness.

I get up frantic scared.

“Mi mama!”

The scream penetrates my skin, passes my bones and goes into my heart like a dagger returning home.

“Mi mama!”

Through the darkness I see my brother’s face. He shares my worry shares my pain.

“Mi mama!”

We race to the door. Fighting with it; clamoring at it.

“Mi mama!”

It opens. We see our mother kneeling, crying, being held by our father with the phone to her ear as she screams-

“Mi mama!”

I look into her eyes and do not see my mother but a child longing for home; longing for monsters and fairies not the cold reality that age brings.

We hold our mother until the darkness turns to light.

We hold our mother as the last remnants of her childhood fade.

We hold our mother as she cries for hers.

We hold our mother.

Indirect Abuse

By Matia Duzich

What motivates us to verbally spar?

Young eyes capture violent gestured crime.

Empathy dies loud voices faces mar.

Bombastic booze ignites our hateful rhyme.

Face to face we ignore periphery,

A child’s confused mind desperately links

Stop! They try to be the referee.

The bell rings –each to their corner for drinks.

Like boiling water on granite minds mold.

Back, reflect, examine what damage done?

These acts perpetuate cycles are told.

Worried child face turns gray; youthful life spun.

Let us break the manacle chain of hate.

Look to the child’s face before it’s too late.

Take It Back, Do It Againparental discipline

Maria Flores

Take it back

Do it again

You birth me

Nurtured and scorned me only when I needed it the most

Take it back

Do it again

Insensitive you were

Inhuman you made me

Your heavy hand

Take it back

Do it again

Over and over you stated it

Abruptly I heard you fall, in the stillness of the night

Moments of despair

Take it back

Do it again

In the light darkness still conquered

Your voice echoes


Take it back

Do it again

I tell them over and over


An image of you

Take it back

Do it again

I tell them

Another Day for a December

December day
By Michael Reaper

I awoke this morning next to Colin Meloy

He arose staring straight forward at Carson Ellis,

Her red right ankle exposed, the remainder of her hidden behind comforter.

Inhale, hold, swallow, exhale.

They had left me to tend to Hank in his baby carriage.

Colin was singing happily,

“Oh adhere to me, for we are bound by symmetry,

Whatever differences our lives have been, we together make a limb.”

He was the type to be easily distracted, they called it being an artist.

Inhale, hold, swallow, exhale.

Its hours later in a nowhere bar somewhere familiar,

Carson was drawing Wildwood on table tops

Meloy plucked at banjos and ordered rounds for everyone.

I laughed and slapped unsteady beats on the back of my chair,

everyone else stared.

Inhale, hold, swallow, exhale.

I wake up alone on a large bed with

My radio shot, left on all night to The King Is Dead.

A receipt for an overpriced Rum and Coke in my pocket.

I turn over and bury my face in the pillow, I can smell Gin Buck in the fabric.

I will need to go to the store, and pick up more batteries

That Feeling That She Gave You Made You Right This…

star filled sky
By Michael Reaper

Starlight which flows on and on forever

Constellations form above us tonight.

Lilac, Dandelion, together

Catch colors of the moon and guide our flight.

Chicken wire fences, blended ivy vines.

Step, careful, step along the blue green grass

Avoiding spiders web. How high they climb,

Clasping onto dewdrops from leaves of glass.

Night performs for our pathway, this was known,

To follow along was to find our way home.

8 responses to “Poetry

  1. Arbitrary Poet

    Poetry is nonetheless filled with ardor. In it, there exists a dualism meant for the captured soul.

    Bliss can wane like the blades of grass in the slightest of breezes. They simply come and go.

  2. The poem You By Caitlyn Deering, was wonderful and sad. I read it over and over again. At first while reading the poem in my head I was, “wow did her dad leave her?” but as I continued reading I was, “no it is about a relationship.” When getting to the phrase, “I was your one your only your truly your girl with the ring” now that was deep. I believe it was an engagement/ marriage when the girls fiancé/husband left her for another women. It’s pretty upsetting when a man does this, when they cannot stay committed to someone, especially when he put the ring in the finger. Hopefully, she does not give up in finding someone who truly loves her. If I could rate this poem I would give it five out of five stars.

    Liliana Rodriguez
    English 101
    Professor Stoddart
    19 May 2013

  3. Luis Salvatierra

    Great way to advocate indirect abuse. Poetry is a great method to summarize a subject in just short sentences. Good job!

  4. paul lee

    Thank you for all the awesome poems you guys shared with us. I believe all of the poems are deep and very personal. The one poem that sticks out to me the most is Mi Mama by Osvaldo Garcia. I think you did a great job and made me hug my mom right after I read your poem.

    All the poems, helped me appreciate more the things I have in my life. Thank you!

    • Thank you for the thank you. Osvaldo, also known as Os, wears many hats. He has poems and a play published on laharborlights. If you go to the 10 minute play section of the journal, you will see he has directed and acted in some of the productions.

  5. Melissa

    I really enjoyed Apollo Jackson’s poem. Where can I find other poems he
    has written?

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